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Helms Page five

A Vanity page, work South Tower Armouries has done in the past.  Give you an idea on how far we have come, and what we are up to nowadays!

In 2009, Chris sent me a picture of a suit he has wanted all his life....that suit included a really pretty winged helm.  This is what we came up with.

This was a fun project.  The wings were made here, and installed on a commercial CAS Hanwei helm.
This is only part way finished though...the points were a bit scary, and so we glued some leather on the back to provide some protection for the lady riding behind him on the horse!
The end result can be found by clicking on the picture below

A little more fluting, a little leather, and the wings look pretty good.

Roman Helm  way back in 2007 

This is MY version of a Roman Helmet.  More trouble than I thought it would be, but satisfying nonetheless.

This 350 dollar helm is actually perfectly useable AS a helmet.  It is actually pretty heavy duty! 
So, what is special about his helm? 
Well, it is a full 12 gauge steel, made from a spinning, and the sides are 16 guage Cold Rolled steel.
To those whose backs go up at the very idea of a spinning being used to make a Roman helm, I simply refer you to this picture...

which is a Roman Helm I found in the British Museum.  A bit battered, but as you can clearly see, a STEEL spinning inside the helm, and gold plated steel fillling in the rest of it. 
So there.  neener neener neener

click on the above image to examine a much larger and more detailed picture.

more of my version below...
Roman02  Roman06  Roman09

I make armour for gods!

(click on image to enlarge)

This helmet is in the two...two and a half hundred dollar range. 
It is entirely decorative, made of 18 gauge steel and 12 gauge aluminum. 
It was great fun to build!  The customer is the owner of a costume shop, and she sent me a sketch.

More pics of this helm and the big ugly guy wearing it are to be found below...


click to enlarge
this is a set of sand blasted wings mounted on a commercial Viking (?) helm
It was made for a costume shop with limited funds...hence the cheap helm
This one will set you back about two hundred, providing I get to use the cheap helmet

click to enlarge
This was a custom piece specified by the customer
It looks a lot like the comic book picture, all I can say is...this is metal, not ink.
The piece is quite light...made entirely of aluminum
I like the way it reflects the colours in the room!
The wings are MUCH larger, and took a LOT more buffing to bring them out.
I could not sell this helmet for less than $300.00 Canadian
seeing as how I must make the skull cap portion as well.

click on images to enlarge

I think they look pretty good. 
You can use the one on the right as a wallpaper if you like

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