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  German and Northern European Helms.
These prices will be honoured by me until 31 Dec 2013, after which prices may change a bit without notice.

The Canadian price rules....I try to keep the US price updated, but when in doubt, please use my currency converter here to ensure accuracy.....


 11-j  Northern European War Helm
As the Middle Ages drew to a close, jousting arose as the sport of more than just the became profitable to more and more people.  The armour changed, covering more of the body. The bevor and visored helmet became more common.  This is the usual helm used by the professionals and the mercenaries in war rather than in the joust.  The narrow eyeslot was proof against most descending arrows, and it still provided more visibility than you might imagine.  It is very easy to breathe in this helm.  In less nerve wracking moments, the visor would be slid up to give a better view and to show the face.
Chin strap included, available in 12 gauge only.
This helmet is made from a spinning which is cut, welded, and sanded smooth.  The visor is also cut from a spinning, so the metal is quite heavy, smooth acting, feels like a REAL helmet, not just a metal salad bowl from a restaurant supply house!  (Well, I try to make it right...grin!)

My inspiration for this helm...

(and I have no idea who drew this picture.  If I did I would credit her immediatly.)

another pic of this helm...or rather, my interpretation of it.  (its a pic of a work in progress but you get the picture...)click on the thumbnails to see them full size.

From the side and closed........... 

From the side and open.............

From dead on in front................

With visor raised up ..................

                                                   visored helm............$180.00 CAN
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Like the viking helmets on page 1, a sheepskin padding will do nicely, or I can make you a leather suspension system ... either which would cost $42.00


11k German War Helm

(We only made it because it is period....honest!)

My inspiration for making this helm...

(click on image to see full size picture)

The 1300s saw a transition between chain and plate armour.  This remarkably ugly but very period style was very common, and variations were common which all looked like Baron von Frankenstein's monster.  Note that they often painted these in great colours and designs...this improves its looks a lot!  When you consider that a secondary use for the helm was to frighten your enemies, well, I guess this would do it!   Some have described it as a "landing pad for a sword", but how you gonna get a sword way up there...he's on a horse!  A sword would have to go through two layers of steel, then be stopped by the chain mail underneath.  Then there would be two inches of  built up coiled soft rope padding underneath THAT.  Nah, in fighting, nothing comes straight down except maybe arrows, and by the time they are falling vertically, they are about spent anyway. The hardest thing about making this helm is making it look machine made...any little hammer mark shows like a chimney sweep on an ice flow. Please note that they are in two has the back curtain all the way down the back...the other style has a moveable curtain halfway down the back.  Sort of a cheapo lobster tail.  The lobster tailed one might be a little more delicate than the plain one.  Neither are period of course...they never actually had protection on the back of the neck.   Please specify which one you want when ordering.

Close up view of this HERE

                         Frankenstein helm........$240.00 CAN
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 30 warranty....return it for ANY reason, for full refund
360 day warranty....return it for repair or replacement if a Marshall bounces it.


11 D

  (click on pic to see full sized version)
Chinese inspired helm.  Kind of a fun sort of project....a lot of jigsaw work!

chinese inspired helmet.................$255.00 CAN

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 This is just a show piece helm. The usual 30 day (didn't fit) warranty applies, but.....its just for show guys! Don't use it in combat!

30 day warranty....if it doesn't fit, or even if you have decided this sport is not for you, return it within a month for full no nonsense, no questions asked refund.


helmet measure
I need these measurements to fit you
Don't forget you will be wearing armour!


fun pic

And a just for fun pic to finish off this helm catalogue.
Don't even THINK about it!!!!

Prices do not include
GST (Canada), PST (Ontario), or shipping from
Metcalfe, Ontario. E-mail for quote on shipping
price (please specify armour type).
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